What is another word for transcendence?

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[ tɹansˈɛndəns], [ tɹansˈɛndəns], [ t_ɹ_a_n_s_ˈɛ_n_d_ə_n_s]

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How to use "Transcendence" in context?

Transcendence is the process of going beyond the limitations that the physical world places on us. It is the goal of most spiritual practitioners and mystics, and is often claimed to be the key to achieving a higher state of consciousness. Transcendence is a term often used in the context of religion, philosophy, and science. It can also refer to a state of absolute bliss or ultimate union with the divine. Transcendence is seen as a goal by many people, as it represents a stepping stone to infinite possibilities. Those who have reached a high level of spiritual transcendence often see the limitations of the physical world as crucially limiting.

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