What is another word for spiritual?

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The word "spiritual" relates to the soul, the supernatural, and the divine but we all yearn to express the same idea in different ways. Some synonyms for the term can be "ethereal," which explains a delicate and celestial trait, or "transcendent," relating to a non-corporeal and supreme characteristic. Other possible synonyms can be "mystical," which portrays a connection with the mystical world and "sublime," which emphasizes a feeling of greatness and wonder. Additionally, "religious" points out a relationship with traditional faith-based practices while "enlightened" refers to the attainment of a higher level of knowledge and understanding. Whatever we call it, the desire for an elevated sense of meaning and purpose remains universal.

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How to use "Spiritual" in context?

It is often said that people are spiritual in one way or another. What does that mean, and how can we be more spiritual?

There is no one answer to this question, as it is based on personal belief. However, for many, spirituality is about becoming more in touch with their feelings and instincts. It can also mean looking beyond the physical world and focusing on inner beliefs.

People can become more spiritual by engaging in prayer and meditation, reading religious texts, or by spending time in nature. Whatever path they take, it is important to be true to themselves and their own beliefs.

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