What is another word for spurned?

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Spurned is typically defined as being rejected, snubbed or rebuffed. However, there are numerous synonyms for the word, each of which may convey a slightly different nuance or level of rejection. Disdained, ignored, shunned, repelled, denied, dismissed, forsaken, refused, slighted, and ostracized are all physical and emotional forms of spurned. The term spurned suggests that one has been pushed away or discarded. These synonyms can all be used interchangeably with spurned, though some may be more appropriate in certain contexts. Regardless of the specific word used, they each refer to feeling rejected or unwanted.

How to use "Spurned" in context?

When someone rejects your advances, it can be heartbreaking. What was supposed to be a romantic moment can quickly turn into a public humiliation. All of your hard work can potentially be ruined in a single moment. But what does it mean to be spurned? What does it feel like?

There's no one answer to those questions. Everyone experiences spurned differently. For some, it may feel like a betrayal. They may feel like they've been rejected when they didn't deserve it. For others, it may just feel sad and lonely.

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