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Eliminated, a word frequently used to describe the action of getting rid of something or someone. However, there are several synonyms for the word. Removed, terminated, eradicated, abolished, and destroyed are some of the commonly used alternatives. When writing, it is vital to switch up your vocabulary and incorporate other words to make your work more interesting and engaging. Furthermore, using synonyms for overused words like eliminated can help bring a fresh perspective to your writing while avoiding repetition. By using different synonyms of eliminated, you'll enhance your communication, improve your writing, and make it more enjoyable to read.

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How to use "Eliminated" in context?

Eliminated is an album released by American rock band Deftones in 2005. The album was produced by the band and programmed by telex. It is the band's fourth and final album with their longtime drummer, Abe Cunningham, and their second with bassist Chi Cheng. It is also their final album with vocalist Chino Moreno.

The songs "Eliminated" and "Digital Bath" were used in the video game "" as downloadable content.

Eliminated is Deftones' last album with their longtime drummer, Abe Cunningham.

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