What is another word for lowered?

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The English language is vast and provides numerous synonyms for every word. Lowered is a term indicating the process of bringing something down, either physically or metaphorically. Some synonyms for lowered include reduced, minimized, lessened, decreased, and dropped. Reduced is similar to lowered in meaning, as it refers to decreasing or minimizing in quantity, size, or intensity. Minimized can be used as an alternative to lowered to show that something has been reduced to the lowest possible level. Lessened is a more general term that can be used to refer to any type of reduction in amount or degree. Decreased is the opposite of increased and implies a downward direction, while dropped has a more abrupt tone, suggesting a sudden or rapid decrease.

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In order to lower the car, you'll need to remove the wheel and the suspension parts. Next, disconnect the cylinder head from the engine. Loosen the bolts that connect the engine to the transmission, then remove the transmission. Finally, lower the car by moving the heavy components to the rear.

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