What is another word for state of grace?

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State of grace is a term used to refer to a person's spiritual condition that is free from sin. There are several synonyms for the word state of grace. One of them is "sanctification", which refers to the process of being purified and made holy. Another synonym is "redemption", which means to be saved from sin or error. "Purification" can also be used as a synonym for "state of grace", as it refers to the process of making something pure or free from contaminants. "Blessedness" is another synonym, which refers to the state of being blessed and favored by God. Finally, "enlightenment" can also be used as a synonym for "state of grace", as it refers to the process of gaining knowledge and understanding about spiritual matters.

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How to use "State of grace" in context?

When we speak of the state of grace it is usually meant in a religious sense; that we have been formally forgiven for our sins and are now in a place where we are no longer subject to their punishment. This is a013 comprehensive definition of grace - it goes much further than simply being forgiven. In Christianity, grace is the free and undeserved favour which God bestows on us as a response to our faith in him. Grace is not something that we earn, but something that God freely gives to us as a means of salvation. It is this divine favour that makes us righteous before God and entitles us to salvation.

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