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Sectarianism refers to the strong adherence to a particular religious or political creed, often with an accompanying intolerance towards those who do not share the same worldview. Some synonyms for the word sectarian include divisive, partisan, factional, narrow-minded, bigoted, dogmatic, and intolerant. Additionally, words like sectarianism or sectarian bias signify the exclusive and prejudiced attitudes and behavior that often accompany this way of thinking. It is important to recognize and challenge sectarian attitudes because they can lead to discrimination and marginalization of those who hold different beliefs. A positive alternative to sectarianism is respectful dialogue and an open-minded appreciation for diverse perspectives.

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How to use "Sectarian" in context?

The use of the word "sectarian" is often seen as derogatory and is used to refer to anything that is based on religious preference. The word has been used to describe anything from small religious groups to entire countries. Sectarianism can often lead to violence and is a contributing factor to the current problems in many countries.

Sectarianism has its roots in religious beliefs. When people believe in different religions, they can become very upset if their beliefs are not accepted. This can lead to violence, as people try to force others to accept their beliefs.

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