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Grace is a word that encompasses many different meanings and connotations. It can refer to elegance, poise and fluidity of movement, or it can denote the unmerited favor of God. Other synonyms for grace include charm, finesse, courtesy, tact, refinement, sophistication, amiability, gentility, and politeness. Grace can also connote forgiveness, mercy, and clemency. Another synonym for grace is "class," which is often used to describe a person who possesses a combination of elegance, humility, and poise. Whatever the context, grace is a quality that is universally admired and revered, and one that is often associated with the highest ideals of humanity.

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Every Christian has a hope, a dream, and a desire for grace. Grace is the unmerited favor and favoritism of God. Grace allows us to be right with God and satisfy our need for justice and mercy. Grace allows us to be forgiven, to be clean and whole, to be new creations in Christ, and to have eternal life.

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