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Padding is a word that is used to describe a type of insulation or cushioning that provides protection from impact or physical damage. There are a variety of synonyms that can be used to describe this type of material, including cushioning, stuffing, filling, insulation, and safety padding. These words all describe materials that are used to provide a barrier between a person or object and potential hazards, such as hard surfaces or sharp edges. Synonyms for padding can also be used to describe the way in which information or writing is presented, with phrases like "fluff," "excess language," or "repetition" being used to describe writing that contains unnecessary or unnecessary information.

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How to use "Padding" in context?

Padding is a technique used in computer graphics and other 3D rendering to add extra space around an object, to make it look larger or more proportionate on-screen. When rendered as a 2D image, this padding can make an object's contours more crisp and defined.

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