What is another word for black?

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The word "black" has a wide range of synonyms that can help enhance one's vocabulary. Some of the common synonyms for this word include ebony, sable, midnight, jet, darkness, coal, and obsidian. These words can be used to describe anything from hair and clothing to the night sky and the color of a car. Other synonyms for "black" include pitch-black, ink-dark, sooty, and coal-colored. These synonyms can be used to convey a sense of mystery, depth, and elegance. Having a diverse range of synonyms at one's disposal can help enrich their writing and communication skills while expanding their vocabulary.

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    Black is the darkest color in the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. In the CMYK color model, black is defined as C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=100. Black is the only non-white color in the basic color wheel.

    The first black paint experiment was conducted by the ancient Egyptians. They used soot from burning papyrus to create a black color that was used for paintings and carvings.

    Black has been used for different purposes throughout history. In China, black ink was used for writing books and paper.

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