What is another word for swarthy?

Pronunciation: [swˈɔːði] (IPA)

Swarthy is a word that is used to describe a person with dark skin, especially when the skin is sun-tanned or naturally dark. It is often used in a derogatory way, implying that the person is somehow inferior or unattractive. However, there are many other synonyms for the word swarthy that can be used in a more positive and respectful way. Some examples include dusky, olive-skinned, bronze, ebony, mahogany, brown-skinned, and copper-skinned. A more romantic way to describe someone with dark skin might be to call them sun-kissed or honey-toned. Regardless of the word chosen, it's important to use language that is respectful and inclusive.

Synonyms for Swarthy:

What are the hypernyms for Swarthy?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for swarthy?

Swarthy is a word that refers to someone who has a darker skin complexion, usually due to exposure to the sun or ethnicity. Some antonyms for swarthy would be fair, pale, or light-skinned. Fair and pale are used to describe someone who has a lighter complexion, while light-skinned refers to someone who has a complexion that is not dark. Other antonyms that could be used to describe someone with a lighter complexion would be ivory, milky, or alabaster. These antonyms are used to describe people who have a very light complexion and do not have any visible tan or darker pigmentation on their skin.

What are the antonyms for Swarthy?

Usage examples for Swarthy

When his gaze met Silas Davy's, he quickly drew away from the window, and disappeared; but not until Silas remarked that it was a swarthy, malicious face, and that cunning and determination were expressed in its features.
"The Mystery of the Locks"
Edgar Watson Howe
He had seen tears on the Schoolmaster's lean, swarthy cheeks and Deirdre's face lifted to his with a penitent radiance, and tear-wet eyes, shining.
"The Pioneers"
Katharine Susannah Prichard
But now he saw the gleam in Conal's eyes as he bent over her, the tenderness in his swarthy face, Deirdre's smile, her swift glances, shy and alluring, her averted head.
"The Pioneers"
Katharine Susannah Prichard

Famous quotes with Swarthy

  • But no line of ferocious, lean-faced, swarthy Spaniards appeared. Shouts and cries and the harsh snarl of gunfire suggested the dons were busy, desperately busy, elsewhere in London. When chance swept Shakespeare and Richard Burbage together for a moment, the player said, "Belike they'll make a stand at the tower." "Likely so," Shakespeare agreed unhappily. Those frowning walls had been made to hold back an army, and this... thing he was a part of was anything but. Up Tower Hill, where he'd watched the auto de fe almost a year before. A great roar, a roar full of triumph, rose from the men in front of him as they passed the crest of the hill and swept on towards the Tower Ditch and the walls beyond. And when Shakespeare crested the hill himself, he looked ahead and roared too, in joy and amazement and suddenly flaring hope. Will Kemp had been right, right and more than right. All the gates to the Tower of London stood open.
    Harry Turtledove
  • While my companion is busily engaged in getting copy for a special article about the Market, I step nimbly out of the way of a swarthy gentleman from Calabria, who with his two-wheeled barrow is the last link in the immense chain of transportation connecting the farmer in the distant tropics and the cockney pedestrian who halts on the sidewalk and purchases a banana for a couple of pennies.
    William McFee
  • It was at present a place perfectly accordant with man's nature—neither ghastly, hateful, nor ugly; neither commonplace, unmeaning, nor tame; but, like man, slighted and enduring; and withal singularly colossal and mysterious in its swarthy monotony. As with some persons who have long lived apart, solitude seemed to look out of its countenance. It had a lonely face, suggesting tragical possibilities.
    Thomas Hardy

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