What is another word for streak?

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Streak is a word that can have various connotations, from a mark or stripe to a continuous period of success or failure. There are numerous synonyms for this versatile word, including but not limited to: 1. Trace: a very small amount or indication of something. 2. Stripe: a long narrow band or line of color. 3. Run: a series of successes or failures. 4. Line: a straight or curved mark or band on a surface. 5. Stain: a discoloration or mark made by something. 6. Flash: a sudden burst or short-lived period of success or failure. 7. Smear: a mark made by rubbing or spreading something. 8. Dash: a short, quick burst of something. 9. Streaking: continuous speed without stopping. Each synonym offers a unique nuance in meaning, providing writers with options to express their thoughts more precisely.

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How to use "Streak" in context?

A streak is a sequence of consecutive successful plays that a team makes in a sport. A streak can be either in a single game or over a longer period of time. The term "streak" is typically used in association with the sport of basketball and most commonly refers to a player's consecutive made free throws.

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