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Blanch is a word that means to make something pale or white by removing color or to scald or parboil food briefly. There are several synonyms for blanch that can be used in different contexts. Boil, scald, whiten, lighten, fade, pale, bleach, and decolorize are some of the most common synonyms for blanch. Each of these words can be used in place of blanch, depending on the situation. For example, you might use the word scald if you are describing how to prepare a dish that requires a brief boiling or heating. On the other hand, you might use the word lighten if you are talking about removing color from a fabric or other material.

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When you blanch, you remove the color from something by boiling it. Boiling water turns green tea leaves white, and most vegetables and fruits are blanched in water before they are cooked.

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