What is another word for fistful?

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When it comes to describing a handful of something, the term "fistful" is commonly used. However, there are various synonyms that can be used in place of "fistful". Some options include handful, clutch, grab, grip, and grasp. Each of these words implies the action of holding onto something with one's hand, but they can each also carry their own connotations. For example, "grasp" can imply a firm and purposeful hold, while "clutch" may imply a more urgent and eager grip. Regardless of which synonym is chosen, they all effectively convey the idea of a small amount of something held in one's hand.

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What are the opposite words for fistful?

Fistful, meaning "a quantity that can be held in the hand," has several antonyms. The opposite of fistful is "handful," which means "as much or as many as the hand will hold." On the other hand, "armful" refers to something that is too large to be held in one hand and requires the use of both arms to carry. "Bucketful" is another antonym, which refers to a large quantity that can be held in a bucket. Similarly, "cartful" is used to indicate a quantity too large to be carried by a person and requires a cart to transport. Lastly, "load" is an antonym for fistful that refers to a large quantity that requires a vehicle to transport.

Usage examples for Fistful

"She isn't the only white 'orse ever foaled," remarked the driver, sorting his fistful of reins.
E. W. (Ernest William) Hornung
I had no need to thrust my hand inside, for as I held it under the vent thus opened, I felt a soft, powdery substance streaming downward, with which my palm was instantly filled; and as my fingers closed upon it, I felt satisfied that I had got hold of a fistful of flour.
"The Boy Tar"
Mayne Reid
His argument and the force of it humbled me, for I gathered that when he wrote he had but to put his hand in his pocket and pull out all the words he wanted by the fistful.
"Waiting for Daylight"
Henry Major Tomlinson

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