What is another word for succession?

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Succession is a term often used to refer to the sequence in which things follow each other. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to represent this concept. One of the most common analogues of succession is 'sequence', which refers to the order of things coming after each other. Another term that can be used in place of succession is 'progression', which captures the idea of a gradual advancement from one stage to another. 'Continuation' is also a word that can be used instead of succession when referring to a process that does not stop but continues indefinitely. Other synonyms that can be used for succession include 'chain', 'line', 'string', 'train', or 'series'.

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How to use "Succession" in context?

1. succession is the natural and lawful process of passing property and powers on to someone else in accordance with the law.

2. Succession is a necessary part of a well-ordered society, as it ensures that the important duties and responsibilities of a position are carried out properly.

3. Succession can be passed down through a single family or it can be spread out among many families.

4. There are many factors that can affect succession, including the will of the deceased, the rules of the estate, and the property rights of the heirs.

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