What is another word for catalan?

Pronunciation: [kˈatɐlˌan] (IPA)

The word "Catalan" refers to the people, language, and culture of Catalonia, a region in northeastern Spain. There are several synonyms for the word Catalan, some of which include Catalonian, Catalanian, and Catalon. Other synonyms include Cataluñean, which is a variation of the Spanish word for Catalan (Cataluña). Another synonym is Valencian, which refers to the dialect of the Catalan language spoken in the region of Valencia, Spain. In addition, there are several ways to describe Catalan culture, such as Catalanism, Catalanisme, and Catalanismo. These terms all refer to the distinct political and cultural identity of the Catalan people. Overall, there are many ways to refer to the Catalan people and culture, and these synonyms are just a few examples.

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    romance language, iberian language, Ibero-Romance language, Western Romance language.

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Usage examples for Catalan

It's catalan, genuine, too, smuggled at Tampico.
"The Missourian"
Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle
Is it Luzbel hiding among our catalan vines, or one of those heathen Americanos from Monterey?
"On the Frontier"
Bret Harte
Of complete translations, there are 6 Castilian and 1 Portuguese; of complete translations of the Odes, 6 Castilian and 7 Portuguese; of the Satires, 1 Castilian and 2 Portuguese; of the Epistles, 1 Castilian and 1 Portuguese; of the Ars Poetica, 35 Castilian, 11 Portuguese, and 1 catalan.
"Horace and His Influence"
Grant Showerman

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