What is another word for tansy?

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Tanacetum vulgare, commonly known as tansy, is an herbaceous perennial plant widely recognised for its yellow button-like flowers. Some of the most common synonyms for tansy include bitter buttons, golden buttons, and mugwort. While tansy is mostly used in traditional medicine for its antihelmintic properties, the plant is also prevalent in culinary arts where it is used as a natural insect repellent, an ingredient in flavouring beverages, or as a flavour additive in candy and cakes. In addition to these, tansy has a plethora of traditional uses worldwide, including treating menstrual disorders, supporting digestion, and healing wounds.

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    How to use "Tansy" in context?

    The perennial herb Tanacetum vulgare has long been used in traditional medicine for treating a wide range of ailments. Now scientists are exploring the potential therapeutic uses of tanacetum in cancer treatment.

    Tanacetum is a member of the Asteraceae family, a group of flowering plants characterized by large, showy flowers. tansy is a member of the five-flowered form, typically found in moist areas near streams. The generic name, Tanacetum, derives from the Latin word tanax, meaning a bandage or ointment.

    Homophones for Tansy:

    • Tansey, tanzi.

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