What is another word for tarragon?

Pronunciation: [tˈaɹəɡən] (IPA)

Tarragon is a widely known herb with a unique flavor that is often used in French cuisine. It is used to add a light, pleasant licorice taste to dishes and is a popular seasoning. The herb has several synonyms like estragon, dragon herb, and artemisia dracunculus. Estragon is the primary synonym used in French. Dragon herb is a translation from the French language. The term "dragon" refers to the herb's twisted, snake-like roots. Artemisia dracunculus is the Latin botanical name for tarragon, and it comes from the Greek words Artemis, which means goddess of the hunt, and Drakon, which means dragon. Regardless of the name used, this herb adds a distinctive and delicious flavor to any dish.

What are the hypernyms for Tarragon?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Tarragon

Make a marinade of three tablespoonfuls of olive-oil, one of vinegar,-tarragon vinegar or lemon-juice may be used,-a teaspoonful of mustard, salt, and red pepper.
"The Myrtle Reed Cook Book"
Myrtle Reed
Stir with a silver spoon until thoroughly mixed, then add one tablespoonful of tarragon vinegar, and stir until thick.
"The Myrtle Reed Cook Book"
Myrtle Reed
A quick mayonnaise can be made by putting into a bowl half a teaspoonful of salt, a dash of red pepper, half a teaspoonful of dry mustard, the yolk of an egg, four tablespoonfuls of olive-oil, one tablespoonful of lemon-juice or tarragon vinegar, and beating all together with the egg beater.
"The Myrtle Reed Cook Book"
Myrtle Reed

Famous quotes with Tarragon

  • I believe that if ever I had to practice cannibalism, I might manage if there were enough tarragon around.
    James Beard
  • Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese garlic makes it good.
    Alice May Brock

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