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"Tare" is a word that has multiple meanings, depending on its context. One of its primary uses is to refer to the weight of packaging material, such as a container or a bag, which is deducted from the overall weight of the contents. In this sense, "tare weight" is a synonym for "net weight" or "gross weight minus container weight". Another use of "tare" is in the context of gardening or farming, where it refers to the unwanted or invasive plants that occur alongside desired crops. This use of "tare" is synonymous with "weeds" or "invasive species". In the field of cookery, "tare" is used to denote a Japanese seasoning sauce made with soy sauce, mirin, and sake, often used in ramen and other noodle-based dishes.

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There is not just one meaning of "tare" - as it is a Japanese word that can have several different meanings. The most common usage of "tare" in English is as a term for ingredients used to alter the flavors of a dish, such as tamari or sake. Less commonly, "tare" can refer to the filter paper used to strain the liquor in a sake or ikura (bonito) tuna preparation. sushi chefs may also add a small amount of tare (dashistock) to the soy sauce and mirin used in making sushi rice before cooking to help balance the flavors and make the sushi more acidic.

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