What is another word for allowance?

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Allowance is a term used to denote a fixed amount of money given regularly to someone. However, there are several synonyms for the word "allowance" that you can use in different contexts. For example, "stipend" is commonly used in the academic and research fields to refer to a fixed amount paid to students or researchers. "Salary" is another commonly used synonym for an allowance, which is usually applied to regular payments made to employees. You can also use "per diem" to refer to a daily allowance, or "grant" to refer to an amount given for a specific purpose. Other synonyms for allowance include "remuneration," "compensation," "emolument," or "wage".

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Allowance is a financial term that refers to an amount of money that is given to a person, usually a child or dependent, to be used to purchase items such as food, clothing, or shelter. Allowance can also refer to the cost of living allowance paid to soldiers who are away from their families.

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