What is another word for adjustment?

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Adjustment is a term that refers to a process in which we make changes or modifications to something to make it better or more suitable to our needs. Synonyms for adjustment include adaptation, modification, refinement, alteration, transformation, customization, attunement, calibration, realignment, alteration, and tuning. These words collectively signify the act of making changes and improvements to a system, whether it's an object, a process, or an idea. Each word highlights a specific aspect of the adjustment process, and choosing the right synonym can help provide precision and depth to one's writing and communication. Ultimately, all the synonyms for adjustment convey the idea of improvement, change, and evolution towards a better or more optimal state.

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How to use "Adjustment" in context?

Adjustment is one of the key concepts in psychology. It refers to the process of modifying what is perceived as the "true" or "correct" state of affairs in order to improve performance or satisfaction.

There are a variety of adjustment processes that can be used to address different situations. Generally, adjustment processes fall into one of the following categories:

1. Cognitive adjustment - This type of adjustment involves changing one's thinking in order to better cope with a challenge or situation.

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