What is another word for teat?

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[ tˈiːt], [ tˈiːt], [ t_ˈiː_t]

How to use "Teat" in context?

term meaning both a bottle used to drink milk and a breast, typically one of a pair on a woman's body

The history of the breast and its role in society is full of surprises. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that when gods journeyed to the underworld, they passed through the intestines of the pharaohs, who were considered to be their living embodiments. To keep these sprites away, the pharaohs were fed the soul of a cow with each fill of their respective cups--a habit that continues to this day (in lactose-free form).

The practice of breast-feeding is older than recorded history.

Homophones for Teat:

  • TEET.

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