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The word "poop" is commonly used to refer to feces, but there are a variety of synonyms that can be used instead. Some more polite alternatives include fecal matter, stool, waste, excrement, and bowel movement. Colloquial terms used among friends and family may include poopoo, dookie, or number two. More formal medical terms might include fecal sample or fecal specimen. Some slang terms that have gained popularity in recent years include turd, crap, and sh*t. No matter what word is used, it is always important to maintain proper hygiene practices when dealing with bodily waste.

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Poop is a natural bodily function that everyone produces. It comes out of your anus and goes through your digestive system. Poop can be brown, yellow, green, or black. There are different stories about why poop is brown. Some say that it is because brownish stool is mixed with the bile that comes out of the liver. Others say that the brown color comes from the food that is mixed with the poop. No one really knows why poop is yellow, green, or black.

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