What is another word for TECS?

Pronunciation: [tˈɛks] (IPA)

There are numerous synonyms for the word "TECS", which stands for "Technology, Engineering, Computer Science". Some of the synonyms include "IT" (Information Technology), "ICT" (Information and Communication Technology), "STEM" (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), "Digital Technologies", and "Computer Engineering". Regardless of the synonym used, the focus remains on the use of innovative technologies to solve complex problems and enhance our daily lives. With the increasing importance of technology in today's world, having a solid understanding of TECS and its synonyms is becoming a critical component of education and the workforce.

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Usage examples for Tecs

Oh, you're a brave boy, Britten, and when you spread yourself about the TECS, I like you.
"The Man Who Drove the Car"
Max Pemberton

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