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Nab is defined as taking or seizing something quickly or forcefully. There are many synonyms for the word nab, including grab, snatch, seize, catch, capture, apprehend, and arrest. These synonyms are often used in different contexts. For instance, grab and snatch emphasize the sudden and quick action of taking something. Seize is used when taking control or possession of something. Catch and capture are often used when referring to capturing something that is escaping. Apprehend and arrest refer to the act of capturing someone, usually for breaking the law. Depending on the context, one of these synonyms for nab can be used for different levels of urgency and intensity.

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How to use "Nab" in context?

Nab is a word which means "to take away," "to steal," or "to take possession of." Nab is also a term used in British law to describe a theft which takes place in a public place with the intent of stealing something worth more than £5.

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