What is another word for gumshoe?

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[ ɡˈʌmʃuː], [ ɡˈʌmʃuː], [ ɡ_ˈʌ_m_ʃ_uː]

When we hear the word "gumshoe", we often think of a detective. However, there are many other words that can be used as synonyms for this term. Private investigator, detective, sleuth, and tracker are all common alternatives. Another option is Investigative journalist which is used to describe journalists who investigate and uncover the truth behind a story or news event. Additionally, some slang terms include P.I, shamus, and flatfoot. Each of these words carry a slightly different meaning and connotation, so it is important to choose the right word to fit the context of the situation.

Synonyms for Gumshoe:

How to use "Gumshoe" in context?

This is a story about a gumshoe who is working for the police department. He is a detective and he is a very good detective. He is always working to solve crimes and to find the people who committed them. He is very talented and he is always able to find the answers that the police need. He is a very good detective and he always helps to bring justice to the people who are need it. He is a very dedicated detective and he always puts all of his effort into his work. He is a very good detective and he is always looking for ways to improve his skills.

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