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The word "cause" is frequently used in our daily language, yet it might be helpful to know some synonyms when we need to write or speak about it in different contexts. Some possibilities include "reason," which suggests a logical justification or explanation; "motive," a driving force or purpose behind an action; "trigger," a specific event that sets off a chain reaction; "source," the origin or root of a problem or effect; "stimulus," something that incites a response or reaction; and "instigator," a person or factor that initiates or provokes something. Having a range of synonyms allows us to convey subtle shades of meaning and choose the most precise word for our intended message.

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    Cause is what we use to explain the results of an event. It's the reason something happens.

    In the natural sciences, there are three main types of causes: material, formal, and final. Material causes are the things that cause an event to happen, such as the weight of an object, the force of gravity, or the heat of the sun. Formal causes are the rules that protect organisms from harm, such as the law of gravity. Final causes are the goals an event or action has, such as making a product to meet customer needs.

    Formal and final causes often work together.

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