What is another word for terms of reference?

Pronunciation: [tˈɜːmz ɒv ɹˈɛfɹəns] (IPA)

Terms of reference are a set of guidelines that define the scope and purpose of a project, study, or task. Alternatively, some synonyms could include project mandate, job description, brief, guidelines, instructions, mission, charter, roadmap, scope, or specification. All of these terms refer to instructions or specifications that outline the goals, objectives, and parameters of a particular project or task. The use of different terms for this concept showcases the diverse ways in which individuals and organizations approach planning and execution of assignments. It is crucial to use the appropriate term when communicating with colleagues or clients to ensure a clear understanding of the given instructions or task.

Synonyms for Terms of reference:

What are the hypernyms for Terms of reference?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Terms of reference

  • The second one, the joint Truth and Friendship Commission, which we started now with Indonesia, that is the one that has been criticized; its terms of reference call for providing amnesty for those who cooperate in telling the truth. It does not lead to prosecution.
    Jose Ramos-Horta
  • ...even the police discussed this violence as possibly coming within the scope of their terms of reference.
    Anthony Burgess

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