What is another word for briefing?

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A briefing refers to a concise and focused presentation or discussion of relevant information. Some synonyms for the word "briefing" include briefing session, summary, overview, briefing paper, debriefing, rundown, and update. A briefing session usually refers to a meeting where information is shared among a group of individuals, while a summary provides a short and precise description of a particular subject. An overview, on the other hand, provides a broad and general view of a particular topic. A briefing paper is a document that provides necessary details on a particular subject. Debiring refuters to a post-event conversation that provides feedback and constructive criticism. A rundown is a brief verbal summary, while an update is a report on the latest events or developments.

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How to use "Briefing" in context?

A briefing is a one-time presentation or update to a group of people. briefings can be used to keep people updated on events that are taking place, to give updates on new initiatives, or to disseminate important information.

briefings have many purposes and can be delivered in a variety of ways, from in-person to electronic. In some cases, briefs may be used to keep people apprised of events that are taking place outside of their immediate area of responsibility, or to provide a sense of continuity and cohesion between different segments of an organization.

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