What is another word for Guidelines?

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Guidelines can also be referred to as protocols, principles, rules, regulations, instructions, directions, recommendations, suggestions, policies, criteria, and standards. These terms can be used interchangeably to describe a set of instructions or rules that need to be followed for a particular purpose. Whether it's a project, a procedure, or a policy, guidelines help ensure that everyone involved is on the same page and understands what they need to do. Additionally, these synonyms provide a variety of ways to convey the importance and severity of the rules, from the more formal and rigid "regulations" and "policies" to the more flexible and advisory "recommendations" and "suggestions".

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    When it comes to assembling a wardrobe for a specific occasion, it is always best to have some general Guidelines in place. General Guidelines help dictate your outfit selection and help keep you from making unnecessary decisions.

    For instance, if you are attending a formal event, it is generally best to stick with conservative colors such as black, navy blue, or brown. You may also want to avoid wearing flashy jewelry, high heels, or tight-fitting clothes. Stick to more comfortable clothing that will conceal any flaws you may have.

    If you are attending a more casual event, you can go a little wild with your choices.

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