What is another word for ternary?

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Ternary is a technical term that describes something that is based on the number three. However, there are several other synonyms available that can be used in place of the word ternary. These synonyms include triadic, threesome, treble, triple, trinary, threesome, and tripartite. Tripartite refers to something that is divided into three parts. Triadic refers to the combination of three elements or parts. Treble is often used in music, referring to a three-part harmony. All these synonyms can be useful in different contexts while communicating a message to the audience. It is a good practice to explore the wide variety of synonyms to enhance the language and make it more descriptive.

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    Ternary is an adjective that describes something composed of three parts or elements. Its antonyms would include words that describe things with a different number of parts. Some antonyms for ternary might include binary, meaning composed of two parts or elements, or quaternary, meaning composed of four parts or elements. Other potential antonyms could include singular, meaning composed of just one part, or multiplex, meaning composed of many parts or elements. The variety of possible antonyms for ternary showcase the different ways in which things can be structured and composed, highlighting the importance of language in helping us to distinguish between different types of things.

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    Usage examples for Ternary

    2. Notes Water, ethyl alcohol and carbon tetrachloride form a ternary mixture boiling at about 61'0. This vapor mixture, on condensation, separates into two phases; the heavier liquid consists of carbon tetrachloride and alcohol with only small amounts of water; the lighter liquid consists of approximately 65 per cent alcohol, 25 per cent water and 10 per cent carbon tetrachloride.
    Conant, James Bryant
    "The ordinary granite of Aberdeenshire," says Dr. MacCulloch, "is the usual ternary compound of quartz, feldspar, and mica; though sometimes hornblende is substituted for the mica.
    "The Student's Elements of Geology"
    Sir Charles Lyell
    In simple binary form-ternary if a trio is added-this dance has feminine endings to all the principal cadences.
    "Chopin: The Man and His Music"
    James Huneker

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