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The number three is a fundamental building block of life, both in mathematics and human culture. Synonyms for this number include trio, triple, threesome, triad, trinity, and triptych. These words can be used in various contexts, from music to sports to religion. A trio is a musical group consisting of three performers, while triple is often used in reference to a triple jump in track and field. Threesome and triad both suggest a group of three people or things, and trinity is often used in reference to the Christian concept of the three-fold nature of God. A triptych is a three-panel artwork, often used to depict religious scenes. Whatever the context, synonyms for three all convey a sense of balance and completeness.

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"three" is an important number because it is the third number in the number sequence. Three is also a prime number, meaning it has only two divisors other than itself- 1 and 3. (These are the numbers that can be divided evenly by 1 and 3 without remainder). Three is also a happy number because it is the sum of the first two natural numbers: two and one.

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