What is another word for theosophy?

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[ θiːəsˈɒfi], [ θiːəsˈɒfi], [ θ_iː__ə_s_ˈɒ_f_i]

Theosophy refers to a metaphysical philosophy that seeks to understand the nature of reality and the relationship between the individual and the universe. Some synonyms for theosophy include spiritual philosophy, mysticism, occultism, esotericism, and transcendentalism. These terms emphasize the mystical and spiritual aspects of theosophy, which seeks to gain a deeper insight into the nature of existence. Other related concepts include new age spirituality, alternative spirituality, and holistic philosophy. While theosophy has been associated with specific organizations and spiritual traditions throughout history, the concept itself remains open to interpretation, and can be studied and practiced by those who seek to explore the mysteries of the universe and the human experience.

How to use "Theosophy" in context?

Theosophy is the philosophical and spiritual study of nature, and of the relationship of the individual soul to the Divine. Theosophy derives its name from the ancient Greek term theós, meaning divine.

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