What is another word for cabala?

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The word "cabala" can be spelled in a variety of ways such as kabbalah, kabala, and qabalah, but it generally refers to a set of esoteric teachings in Judaism. Synonyms for the word "cabala" include mysticism, occultism, spirituality, and esotericism. These words all have similar connotations of secret or hidden knowledge, as well as a sense of seeking deeper understanding or connection with the divine. Other related terms that could be considered synonyms for cabala might include theosophy, metaphysics, and spiritualism. Overall, the varied synonyms for cabala reflect the complexity and multifaceted nature of this mystical tradition.

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    Cabala, or kabbalah, is a method of Jewish mysticism and arcane study. It involves the use of mystical symbols, reckoning techniques, and Jewish prayers to communicate with an unseen force or God. The origins of cabala are unknown, but it likely developed in the Middle Ages. Cabala is associated with such mystics as Isaac Luria, Johannes Kepler, and Moses ben Maimon.

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