What is another word for threat?

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Threat is a word that refers to a danger or menace to something or someone. However, in many situations, we may require more variety in our vocabulary to convey the intensity of a threat. Synonyms for threat include peril, hazard, risk, jeopardy, intimidation, warning, and coercion. While peril refers to an imminent and substantial danger, hazard is equivalent to a hazardous or risky condition. Risk, on the other hand, speaks of the possibility of danger, and jeopardy refers to the potential of loss or damage. Intimidation is a synonym for threat that implies force or fear, while warning is a precautionary but explicit notice. Coercion is a type of threat that involves force or duress to get someone to behave a certain way.

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    I was walking to my car after work when I saw someone following me. I ignored them and continued to walk, but they kept following me. I grew paranoid and turned around, only to see a man standing behind me with a knife. I screamed, and he ran away. I'm not alone in this fear - recent studies have shown that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men have experienced a physical threat in their lifetime. A physical threat can be anything from being followed or harassed to being attacked. If you're ever feeling tense or paranoid, it's important to talk to someone - there's plenty of resources available to help.

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