What is another word for obstacle?

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An obstacle refers to a barrier that stands between you and your goals. However, there are plenty of alternative terms that also describe the challenges that we encounter in life. For instance, you could refer to a hindrance, impediment, roadblock, obstruction, barrier, or challenge. These words all have slightly different connotations, but they all signify something getting in the way of achieving your desired outcome. Other synonyms for obstacle include setback, difficulty, complication, stumbling block, hurdle, or snag. All of these words can be used interchangeably to describe anything that impedes progress in various areas of life such as career, education, relationships, or health.

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How to use "Obstacle" in context?

An obstacle is anything that stands in the way of achieving a desired result. They can be physical (a wall) or psychological (a fear). Obstacles can be minor (a bump in the road) or major (a dragon blocking the way). They can be easily overcome (a jump over the obstacle) or impossible to overcome (a wall of snow). Obstacles can also be stimulating (a new challenge) or de-motivating (a fear of failure). Regardless of how they are perceived, obstacles are always a challenge to overcome.

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