What is another word for hazard?

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Hazard, meaning danger or risk, has several synonyms that can be used to describe situations or actions that may result in harm or injury. Some common synonyms for hazard include peril, jeopardy, risk, threat, gamble, and uncertainty. Other useful synonyms that can convey different nuances of danger include danger, menace, vulnerability, perilousness, precariousness, and insecurity. The choice of which synonym to use will depend on the context and intended meaning. For example, peril and jeopardy may be appropriate when referring to high-stakes situations where the consequences of failure are severe. Meanwhile, risk and uncertainty may be more appropriate when describing situations where the outcome is uncertain but not necessarily fatal.

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    Hazard may refer to:

    -A potentially dangerous situation

    -A risk or possibility of harm

    -A source of danger or harm

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    • Hazzard.

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