What is another word for jeopardize?

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    Synonyms for Jeopardize:

    How to use "Jeopardize" in context?

    Jeopardize means to endanger, put in jeopardy, or to threaten with danger. Jeopardizing a project, relationship, or future can have serious consequences. Jeopardizing a project may result in unreliable or lesser quality work, while jeopardizing a relationship can have serious emotional consequences. Threatening a future can have negative long-term consequences such as missed opportunities or diminished prospects.

    Jeopardizing a project, relationship, or future can be a deliberate choice or an unintentional action. Jeopardizing a project may be the result of poor planning or inadequate resources. Jeopardizing a relationship may be the result of unwillingness or inability to compromise.

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