What is another word for timbered?

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[ tˈɪmbəd], [ tˈɪmbəd], [ t_ˈɪ_m_b_ə_d]

"Timbered" is an adjective commonly used to describe a building or structure that is constructed with wooden timbers or beams. Some synonyms for "timbered" include "wooden-framed," "lumber-built," "beam-structured," or "wooden-constructed." Another phrase that could be used as a synonym is "post-and-beam" which highlights the construction technique of using vertical posts and horizontal beams. Additionally, "log cabin" is a synonym that typically refers to a timbered structure built from logs. "Oak-framed" could also be used as a synonym if the wooden timbers or beams used in the construction are specifically made from oak wood. These synonyms for "timbered" help to convey the wooden and rustic nature of a building or structure.

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How to use "Timbered" in context?

"timbered" is a term describing buildings made from wooden beams and timbers. It can be used to describe any building made from wooden beams and timbers, but is most commonly associated with old colonial-era barns and houses.

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