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Beam is a word used to denote a long and sturdy piece of timber or metal, usually serving as a support or framework. However, in the English language, the word "beam" can also be used in different contexts and has several synonyms that can be applied depending on the specific usage. For example, the word "bar" can be used to describe a slim and elongated, yet strong support structure. "Rafter" refers to a beam that is angled and supports the roof of a building while a "joist" is a horizontal beam that strengthens a floor or ceiling. "Girder" is used to describe large and heavy horizontal beams that provide support to bridges, buildings, and other structures. Lastly, "sunbeam" is a narrow shaft of sunlight that falls on a surface.

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The word "beam" comes from the Middle English word "bere", referring to a stick used to strike a lighted match. A beam is the shaft of light emerging from a light source.

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