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Lumber is a term that refers to rough, heavy pieces of wood that are used for construction and building purposes. This word may be replaced by several synonyms, including timber, logs, planks, boards, and beams. Each of these words has its own distinct definition and connotation, which may be influenced by the specific context in which it is used. For example, timber typically refers to large, mature trees that are cut down for lumber, while planks and boards are often used in flooring and decking applications. Similarly, beams are typically used in construction and are known for their strength and durability. Overall, the use of synonyms helps to provide a rich and varied vocabulary for describing the many different types of lumber and wood products used in building and construction.

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Lumber has a long and proud history in the United States. The first lumberjacks may have chopped down trees to make tables, chairs and other needed furniture in the early 19th century. By 1865, American companies were exporting more lumber than any other agricultural product. Today, lumber remains a major agricultural commodity in the United States.

Lumber is a versatile product. It is used to build houses, furniture, decks and other structures. It is also used to make pulp and paper. In fact, one third of the world's paper is made from wood.

Lumber is one of the most common agricultural commodities in the United States.

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