What is another word for log?

Pronunciation: [lˈɒɡ] (IPA)

The word "log" can be used in multiple contexts, and therefore, it has various synonyms that are specific to those contexts. If we consider a tree log, then its synonyms would be 'trunk,' 'bole,' or 'stump.' Another context in which the word 'log' can be used is related to record-keeping, and some of its synonyms in this context are 'journal,' 'diary,' 'register,' or 'chronicle.' Furthermore, if we use the word 'log' in computer lingo, then its synonyms could be 'record,' 'entry,' 'data,' or 'file.' Therefore, the synonym of the word 'log' may differ based on its context.

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  • holonyms for log (as nouns)

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  • meronyms for log (as nouns)

What are the opposite words for log?

The word "log" typically refers to a large piece of cut or fallen timber. However, it also has several antonyms, which means the opposite meaning of the word. One of the antonyms for log is "float," which describes objects or beings that remain buoyant and afloat in water or air. Another antonym for log is "light," which indicates something that isn't heavy or small in size and shape. Also, "driftwood" is another antonym for a log, which defines a sizable piece of lumber that floats or drifts in the water. Overall, exploring the antonyms of a word can help expand our vocabulary and understanding of it.

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Usage examples for Log

Before Harry could throw another log on the fire he was asleep.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
When changing course, read the log and enter it in the log book.
"Lectures in Navigation"
Ernest Gallaudet Draper
The log shows the distance run between B and C is 6.3 miles.
"Lectures in Navigation"
Ernest Gallaudet Draper

Famous quotes with Log

  • I went to school at this log school house. A white woman was my teacher, I do not remember her name. My father had to pay her one dollar a month for me. Us kids that went to school did not have desks, we used slates and set on the hued down logs for seats.
    Joe Davis
  • Nothing says holidays, like a cheese log.
    Ellen DeGeneres
  • The ideal college is Mark Hopkins on one end of a log and a student on the other.
    James A. Garfield
  • I keep lists of names of people that I have met, a list of things to do day by day as well as a log of how my time is consumed throughout the day. It's a very important part of my personal discipline.
    Bob Graham
  • You find yourself in the world, without any power, immovable as a rock, stupid, so to speak, as a log of wood.
    Nicolas Malebranche

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