What is another word for totter?

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Totter is a word that typically refers to unstable movement or balance. Synonyms for this word include wobble, sway, teeter, stagger, rock, and sway from side to side. These words are often used to describe an individual who is staggering or unsteady on their feet, or an object or structure that is unstable or wavering. Other possible synonyms for totter might include tremble, quake, shudder, shimmy, or dance. These words suggest a sense of movement or motion, often accompanied by a lack of control or stability. Whether used in reference to a person, an animal, or an inanimate object, the word totter generally describes an unsteady or precarious situation.

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How to use "Totter" in context?

Totters are small, furry, mammalian creatures that reside in the forests of North America and Europe. There are six totter species: the American, Eurasian, Asiatic, Beringian, Russian, and North African teddy bear. Totters are the smallest of the ten species of mustelids in the world. They weigh an average of 2.14 kg and have a body length of 41 cm.

Totters are frugivorous creatures that primarily eat fruit. They have a long tongue that they use to extract food from the pod or fruit.

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