What is another word for correct?

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[ k_ə_ɹ_ˈɛ_k_t], [ kəɹˈɛkt], [ kəɹˈɛkt]

Synonyms for Correct:

conforming (adjective) correct (adjective) fastidious (adjective) precise (adjective) proper (adjective) severe (adjective) veracious (adjective) compensate (verb) correct (verb) improve (verb) penalize (verb) punish (verb) recompense (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Correct:

  1. object, reject, expect, detect, select, wrecked, necked, subject, sect, resurrect, inflect, dissect, infect, suspect, protect, unchecked, trekked, effect, reelect, reflect, decked, respect, direct, interject, hecht, checked, brecht, redirect, perfect, intersect, inspect, neglect, misdirect, project, eject, elect, recollect, inject, erect, deject;
  2. collect, deflect, connect, affect, bedecked, defect, confect;
  3. disinfect, indirect, disconnect, disaffect, incorrect, disrespect;
  4. overprotect, interconnect;

Quotes for Correct:

  1. It is easier to be critical than correct Benjamin Disraeli.
  2. You're a hundred percent correct about our show being tops in quality. Vic Morrow.
  3. The accepted versions of the Bible are all substantially correct William B. Riley.

Idioms of Correct:

  1. politically correct
  2. make ( all) the right, correct, etc. noises;