What is another word for teeter?

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Teeter is an interesting word with several synonyms used to describe the precarious or wobbly state of something. Among the most common synonyms are totter, sway, wobble, and rock. All these words describe a sense of instability, unsteadiness, and vulnerability. Another synonym for teeter is falter, which suggests a momentary hesitation or uncertainty rather than a sustained wobbling motion. Additionally, shake, tremble, and quiver are other synonyms that describe a similar movement. These words are often used to describe inanimate objects such as buildings, chairs, or tables, but they are also used to describe people who are unsteady or shaky on their feet. Regardless of their use, these synonyms for teeter all convey a sense of instability and potential danger.

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    Teeter is a word that describes a particular kind of unstable movement or balance. When you're teetering, you're on the brink of falling, swaying back and forth in a precarious manner. The opposite of teetering is being balanced or stable. Other antonyms for teeter include standing firm, staying still, fixed, steady, anchored, and secure. These words all imply a sense of solidity and support, which can be helpful in situations where you need to maintain your balance. Whether you're walking along a narrow ledge or trying to keep your emotions under control, knowing how to be stable and grounded can make all the difference.

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    Still he seemed to be making progress, for every teeter of head and legs worked his uncomfortable dinner into better shape.
    "A Little Brother to the Bear and other Animal Stories"
    William Long
    But betwixt the pair of you you've nigh druv two old women crazy, and set the whole village a-teeter.
    "The Brass Bound Box"
    Evelyn Raymond
    "Reporters will miss seeing him teeter informally by the Embassy fireplace as he interviewed them, or gave out a significant something from behind a hastily-raised newspaper.
    "My Three Years in America"
    Johann Heinrich Andreas Hermann Albrecht Graf von Bernstorff

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