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As children, we all have grown up playing with toys. But did you know that 'toy' has numerous synonyms that can be used in place of the word? A few other words that you can use include plaything, gizmo, gadget, trinket, knick-knack, bauble, novelty, amusement, and diversion. These words can add flavor to your writings, texts, or conversations and improve your vocabulary. Instead of using the word toy over and over again, vary your word choices to keep your audience interested. After all, playing with playthings is always enjoyable, no matter what you call them!

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When people think of a toy, most likely there's a colorful ball orgy playing in their head. But there's so much more to toys than just those innocuous distractions. Toys can be used for learning, for developing motor skills, and for just sheer fun. Here are 50 amazing toys that will have your children (and you!) saying "wow!

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