What is another word for replica?

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Replica, by definition, is an exact copy of an object or a person. However, there are several synonyms that could be used to describe the same thing, such as a duplicate, a facsimile, a copy, an imitation, or a reproduction. These words have slightly different connotations and might be used in different contexts. For example, a duplicate or copy could refer to a mechanically reproduced object, while a facsimile might imply a closer attention to detail. An imitation might suggest a replica made for the purpose of deceiving or forgeries, while a reproduction is more neutral. Regardless of the synonym used, replica can be a great way to obtain an accurate representation of an object or person.

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    Replica is an accurate reproduction of an original work of art, either antique or contemporary. When executed with skill and precision, it can be considered an original work of art in its own right.

    Replica art has a long and distinguished history, dating back to the ancient world where artisans would forge precious metals into exact replicas of ancient symbols. Through the centuries, the concept of replica art has evolved, incorporating new mediums and techniques into the process.

    Today, replica art is widely accepted and enjoyed by collectors and viewers alike. It has become a valuable commodity, with high-quality replicas commanding steep prices.

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