What is another word for transferee?

Pronunciation: [tɹansfˈɜːɹiː] (IPA)

Transferee refers to someone who is transferred from one place or job to another. Some synonyms for the word transferee are relocater, assignee, beneficiary, recipient, and successor. A relocater refers to someone who is moving from one place to another, which can be either a temporary or permanent move. An assignee is someone who is assigned to a position, project, or office. Similarly, a beneficiary is someone who gains some benefit from something, such as inheriting property, while a recipient is someone who receives something, whether it be goods, services, or transfer of employment. Lastly, successor refers to someone who takes on a position or role that was previously held by someone else.

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Usage examples for Transferee

To the Jews or Lombards we owe the discovery of that bill of exchange-the first of negotiable instruments, and the first historically to bring into our law the legal concept of a symbol of ownership which might be instantly transferred with an absolute change of title in the property thereby represented, and this either to a present transferee or to one far away.
"Popular Law-making"
Frederic Jesup Stimson
If, for instance, the ticket were given him by fraud, the right to use it might be revoked and the transferee would have no greater right than the original holder.
"Popular Law-making"
Frederic Jesup Stimson
In this case no stipulations are necessary, because by a concurrent operation of the two senatusconsults both the transferor is protected, and all actions relating to the inheritance pass to and against the transferee.
"The Institutes of Justinian"
Caesar Flavius Justinian

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