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Switch, meaning to change from one thing or position to another, has several synonyms that can be used to add variety to your writing. Swap is a verb that refers to exchanging one thing for another. Turn can be used when referring to changing the direction of something or someone. Shift means to move or transfer from one place or position to another. Toggle is used when referring to turning something on or off. Alternate can be used when referring to taking turns between two things or positions. Lastly, flip is used when referring to turning something over or changing it quickly. These synonyms can enhance your writing by bringing a new angle to a common verb.

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Switch is a modular, general-purpose high-speed switch that combines the speed and features of a router, switch andlayer 3 switch. Features that set switch apart from the traditional routers and switches are itsavailability of SMP (server-mode processing), the ability to act as a gatewaybetween different networks, and its support for PoE and 10GbE interfaces.

The switch was designed to help facilitate the migration to the cloud and accelerate transition to5G. Switch comes with a 100 GbE form-factor, allowing it to be deployed inmultisite and campus networks where high bandwidth and low latency arerequired.

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