What is another word for transferable?

Pronunciation: [tɹansfˈɜːɹəbə͡l] (IPA)

Synonyms for the word "transferable" include movable, portable, transportable, conveyable, transmittable, and shareable. These words imply the ability to move something from one place to another without much difficulty, whether it be a physical object or an abstract idea. Other synonyms may include flexible, adaptable, versatile, and exchangeable, pointing towards the idea that something is able to be used or applied in different situations or contexts. Overall, the use of synonyms for the word "transferable" allows for a more nuanced understanding of the term, highlighting its different connotations and applications.

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What are the opposite words for transferable?

Transferable is defined as being capable of being transferred or moved from one person or place to another. Some antonyms for transferable would include immovable, fixed, untransferable, nontransferable, or set. These antonyms refer to the inability to transfer or move a particular item, object or concept from one place to another. For example, a house is immovable as it cannot be transferred to another location, while some personal items like family heirlooms or keepsakes might also be set or nontransferable, as they have sentimental value that makes them difficult to part with. Overall, antonyms for transferable describe things that are stationary, fixed or unable to be transferred.

What are the antonyms for Transferable?

Usage examples for Transferable

Such a method of reproducing a small impression of an old work, is peculiarly applicable to mathematical tables, the setting up of which in type is always expensive and liable to error, but how long ink will continue to be transferable to stone, from paper on which it has been printed, must be determined by experiment.
"On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures"
Charles Babbage
Nor does Dante abound in transferable passages, sentences of universal application, from being saturated with the perfumed essence of humanity.
"Essays Æsthetical"
George Calvert
But we were disappointed in the result of our mission, for Mr. Holder pointed out that the Enabling Act distinctly provided for every elector having 10 votes, and effective voting meant a single transferable vote.
"An Autobiography"
Catherine Helen Spence

Famous quotes with Transferable

  • Firms would be given initial entitlements to gross markup on the basis of past performance. These entitlements would be transferable and a market in them would be developed.
    William Vickrey
  • A political organization is a transferable commodity. You could not find a better way of killing virtue than by packing it into one of these contraptions which some gang of thieves is sure to find useful.
    John Jay Chapman

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